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Fearless research and development!

Fearless research and development!

One of the many secret weapons that sets Compu-Signage apart from other printing and production companies is the fact that we employ a full, fearless research and development team. Often clients would contact us with fabulous ideas, utterly frustrated that they cannot find a local company willing to assist them in making their marketing campaigns a reality.

This is where our research and development team comes in! From augmented reality marketing campaigns to fully animated lights on billboards to 3D printing or replication of products on a giant life-size scale – our research and development team loves to tackle a challenge and find a budget-friendly solution for our clients. With a varied background in numerous disciplines you can rest assured that we can find a workable solution for your signage and branding.

Some of our most memorable innovations and solutions were:

  • Developing provisionally patented smart LED technology,
  • Affordable LED animation for billboards and street adverts,
  • Augmented reality marketing campaigns,
  • Custom light boxes,
  • Giant product replicas and sculptures,
  • Automated signage,
  • Animated signage,
  • In-house manufacturing,
  • Modular builds,


Just have a quick glance at our portfolio and you will see some of the amazing creations our research and development team came up with! So, n the long run, research and development is paying off for us as a company. It enables us to go further, stretch further than most other printing companies. We very rarely say “no” and yes; we are always more than willing to experiment until we find exactly what you were looking for.


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