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Do you print large order vinyl stickers?

Do you print large order vinyl stickers?

At Compu-Signage we do a lot of interesting and fun, creative things. From manufacturing huge steel pylon structures, to designing animated smart LEDs for use in signage and billboards – we surely have done a lot more than we could ever mention here. People often ask us if we do print large order vinyl stickers. One of the cornerstone services that we render is large format printing. This includes the printing of huge PVC prints for expos and billboards, all the way to bulk orders of vinyl stickers.

Some examples of the vinyl stickers that we print include license disc stickers to branding of shopping trolleys and prints for correx boards (think of your standard real estate agent boards, for sale signage etc.). Often overlooked as not such a creative part of the signage industry, we nevertheless love plain old printing! Over the past couple of months Compu-Signage started focusing on supplying printing services to other printing companies, print brokers and resellers. That way everybody can benefit by the use of our various wide format eco solvent printers.

With competitive pricing and fast production times, you can rest assured that not only will our printing be done fast, but it will have our quality control stamp of approval! We may be based in the West Rand of Gauteng, but our prints has gone out all over South Africa and the wider Africa!

What are you waiting for? Contact Comp-Signage today and order your large format prints with us.

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