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How durable is a Polystyrene prop?

How durable is a Polystyrene prop?

Here at Compu-Signage we are experts at crafting and manufacturing giant polystyrene (or as it is sometimes called, Styrofoam) props. One of the most common questions we get asked is this – how durable is a Polystyrene prop? This is a controversial question with many experts giving many different answers.

We prefer to take it at a project-by-project basis. Our general rule of thumb is this – where will the prop be used, will the public be interacting with the prop, will the giant prop be automated, branded in any manner? Once we have all the details for the project, we can provide you with a better answer. Overall, Polystyrene is a very durable material. It certainly is incredibly versatile, as proven by the various creative props we’ve been manufacturing. You can further enhance the durability of your Styrofoam props (especially for signage and branding) by pairing it with just the right type of coating – from fibre and wood pulp to clear and automotive coatings.

Whilst like most things in life, it is not immune to vandalism, there are definitely ways to make your stunning decoration or centre piece stand the test of time. After all, your brand is important and you want to have the very best. For more information, we recommend that you contact us. Have a cup of coffee and tell us about your project and we will easily match you with the perfect polystyrene solution!

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