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What is PVC Signage?

What is PVC Signage?

The exciting world of signage is filled with many-many (countless!) different ways to help make your brand stand out from the crowd. One of the most common, and probably most versatile signage solutions would be PVC signs. PVC signage, or as they are referred to technically – polyvinyl chloride, is one of our favorite materials to work with, This PVC plastic is a favorite among other sign-writers as well, because it is economical and extremely versatile when used for various signage purposes.

This fun signage material can be used in the following types of signs:

  • PVC Fence or Wall Banners
  • Stretched PVC Flex Signs
  • Bunting
  • Stage Wrapping

In brief, the above types of signage can be described as –

PVC Fence or Wall Banners

A PVC print, usually chemically or heat seamed with eyelets. The seam around the PVC print reinforces the overall banner. The eyelets give it a neat, clean finish and allows a user to easily attach the sign. Think of attaching the sign against a wall by simply using screws, or perhaps making use of rope or cable ties to stretch it against a palisade fence. It is usually recommended that the PVC print gets a special coating of UV Lamination.  This not only helps to protect the colour from fading, but also adds an additional layer of protection against light scratches. PVC Fence or Wall Banners are mostly used as temporary signage, cheap and easy to replace while maintaining a great visual impact.

Stretched PVC Flex Signs

Stretched PVC banners and signs are all around us, and we are confident that you’ve seen them before! Think of the large highway billboards. Yep, the kind that you drive past on a daily basis. Those are stretched PVC signs (though, slightly more complicated). The benefits of a stretched PVC skin is that it leaves us with a very professional, rigid looking sign. Who doesn’t love durable signs, right? In order to manufacture these type of signs, we first need to build a durable, strong frame and then stretch the PVC print over this frame.

PVC Signage is definitely one of our favorite materials to print with, and we aren’t limited by the size of our printers. From billboards to small office signage, we can do everything in-house. If you are a print broker and in need of a partner that can print, weld and seam – then do give us a call for excellent prices and service!

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